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Georgian Radiology, Ontario, Simcoe Region

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Thanks for helping us focus specifically on your needs. We’d like to know more about your experience with GRC, and we need your help. This survey takes less than two minutes and leaving your name and contact information is entirely up to you.

Please answer the following questions based on your contact with the facility in the past 6 months.

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Central bookings for ultrasound and bone densitometry is 705-726-7442

Things To Remember

Before coming to one of our clinics, please remember: 1. Your valid health card 2. A signed Requisition Form, or a Bone Mineral Density Requisition Form or a VIT Requisition Form or a High Risk Pregnancy Referral Requisition Form from your doctor

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Georgian Radiology, Ontario, Simcoe Region

Georgian Radiology

In Ontario, very few, if any medical practices are truly full-service – in other words, able to provide anything and everything that any one patient might require, from ultrasound to stress testing to a bone

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